indigro plant design

Welcome to my plant shop! 

Local delivery within 10 miles of Takoma Park, MD

All plants marked with 🐱 are pet friendly! 

Kokedama Moss Balls

Kodedama literally meaning "moss ball" is the Japanese Art of wrapping a plant in a ball of soil and moss, usually created to be hung as a string garden. Plants can also be displayed "sitting" on a saucer or decorative dish.

Get any 3 for $60

Takoma Park Together Fundraising Campaign

Proceeds from these designs benefit Takoma Park's Citywide Small Business Mini-Grant Program and the Old Takoma Business Association (OTBA).

Medium Light Plants

What is medium light? These plants love basking in afternoon light and western exposure. Also filtered light and being a few feet away from a west or south facing window.

High light Plants

These guys need full sun, at least 5-6 hours of it. Southern exposure is ideal. 

Specialty and Gifts

Looking to brighten someone's day with something special and living? I've compiled a collection of my favorites that are sure to make someone smile. I am happy to add a card upon request - just shoot me an email post order.

What I do.

I love pairing plants with planters and artfully designed pairings with spaces. Feel free to reach out if you'd like some plant design ideas for your space. I also love using my hands to plant and shape various plant creations.