indigro plant design

Welcome to my plant shop! 

All plants are available for FREE local delivery within 10 miles of 

Takoma Park, MD.

All plants marked with 🐱 are pet friendly! 

Kokedama Moss Balls

Kodedama literally meaning "moss ball" is the Japanese Art of wrapping a plant in a ball of soil and moss, usually created to be hung as a string garden. Plants can also be displayed "sitting" on a saucer or decorative dish.

Get any 3 for $60

High light Plants

These guys need full sun, at least 5-6 hours of it. Southern exposure is ideal. 

Specialty and Gifts

Looking to brighten someone's day with something special and living? I've compiled a collection of my favorites that are sure to make someone smile. I am happy to add a card upon request - just shoot me an email post order.

What I do.

I love pairing plants with planters and artfully designed pairings with spaces. Feel free to reach out if you'd like some plant design ideas for your space. I also love using my hands to plant and shape various plant creations.